Press release

A Commitment to Accessibility:
The Accessibility Task Force

Built in 1927, Westminster has been upgraded for accessibility with ramps, remote door controls, worship pew access, and other improvements. An elevator is available from the first floor and the Sanctuary to the second floor and the Social Hall and the Club Room.

On Sunday mornings, large print hymnals and large print bulletins are available from the ushers and assistive-listening devices are available from the office.

Westminster’s Access Inclusive Ministry (AIM) committee works to improve access throughout the building and in the community.

The Accessibility Task Force was formed at the request of the Access Inclusive Ministry Committee and Session to complete the Presbyterian Congregational Audit for Accessibility. The audit assists a congregation in taking seriously the call for the church to be the full embodiment of the household of God and a house of prayer for all people, in this instance persons who have a disability. Members of the Task Force met several times in 2009, gathered information by touring the church facility, meeting with members and staff, and using available reference documents.

The committee learned that at least 70 adult members of Westminster’s church family have known disabilities. Many members may have chronic conditions not identified in the areas of mobility or visual impairment. The census report of people with disabilities indicated six people with visual impairment or blindness when the actual number may be greater. In addition, with the advancing age of the “Baby Boomers,” it is anticipated that the number of older people with vision loss or decreased mobility will increase in the coming years and they will have significant difficulty accessing print, traveling inside and outside of facilities safely and independently.