November-December adult education focuses on evangelicalism

Ever wonder how Christians start from the same text and reach such startling different directions for living the good life? The answer is not the Bible.

Starting Nov. 11, the 10 a.m. adult Sunday school class will focus on the history and current state of evangelicalism. Join us to dive deep into understanding the common rootstock that we as Presbyterians share with evangelical fundamentalism. Our focus will be on the latter, but we will also better understand our evolution into a more progressive Christianity.

There are two books, which inform this query, The Evangelicals, Francis Fitzgerald (2017) and The Battle for God, Karen Armstrong. We will have handouts and videos to discuss in class, which Peter Winslow will lead. On Nov. 25, Pastor Wes will talk about his experience growing up in a Pentecostal Church.

This class will meet every Sunday at 10 a.m., Nov. 11 – Dec. 9 (except Nov. 18).