Moller Grand Pipe Organ

Installed in one of the finest acoustics in Sacramento, the grand sanctuary pipe organ enhances a wide range of moods to worship services, weddings, memorials. The Moller also serves as a concert instrument for Music At Noon and community events. The current home of Westminster (completed in 1927 and located at 13th & N streets across from Capitol Park) was originally equipped with a 28-rank Reuter pipe organ. 

In 1979 a new console was installed, and in 1983 a major expansion was completed by the M. P. Möller Organ Company, giving the organ a total of five divisions: great, swell, choir, positiv, and echo. More recent stop additions include: 8′ state trumpet, 32′ contra bourdon, 32′ contra bombarde, new swell reeds, and new pipework in the renovated echo organ. This inspiring pipe organ now has more than 3000 pipes which range in size from a few inches to more than 16 feet in height.

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