Interior of 13th & K church building (1904-1927) showing pipe organ

This Kimball pipe organ was moved to the First Presbyterian Church in Ukiah, California, in 1929.  In the 1960’s it was moved to the new sanctuary.  Here’s something we found on the Internet:


…By the way, last April [1998] First Pres began phase two in restoration of their wonderful pipe organ.  Multi-talented Barry Squires has made a drawing of the church, certainly a landmark in Ukiah, and the note paper with matching envelopes are on sale.  Christmas thank you notes would fit beautifully!  Packaged 10 to a set, they are $5 and you may call 463-2176 to get your set.  Proceeds go to the organ fund.  The pipe organ in the church was constructed by the Kimball Organ Company of Chicago about 1898 and first installed at the turn of the century in Westminster Presbyterian Church in Sacramento.  In 1929, Ukiah Presbyterian Church purchased the organ and installed it in their former sanctuary.  Then in 1967, the organ was re-installed after the completion of the new sanctuary at its present location.  It needs re-leathering of wind chests, a new blower, and work on the console!  Phase one of restoration of the pipe organ was completed in 1992 for $14,500.  Phase two costs $15,750.  Phase three (console work) should be started in 1998.  This wonderful organ has been heard by thousands of people in its 100-year history.  Its music has thrilled, comforted, lifted, excited and challenged organists and listeners in a variety of settings.  If you’re so inclined, today get a head start on your charitable donations for 1998.  The organ fund would be a great place for gifts from the community.  After all, it’s the community that has been enjoying the beautiful musical sounds from its chambers for ever so long…