Gluten Free Communion:
Gluten free / dairy free bread for communion

Communion is an important sacrament for all Christians. Westminster Presbyterian Church serves only gluten free / dairy free bread for its communion services. Communion is served on the first Sunday of each month.

Bread or wafers that are served at Communion are typically made with wheat, a grain that contains a protein called gluten. For those with gluten intolerance known as celiacs this poses a problem and means that they must choose between refraining from participating in Communion or consuming a harmful substance.

The Presbyterian Church, U.S.A. (PCUSA) website offers this information about gluten free bread for use during the sacrament of Communion:

Traditionally, wheat bread has been used among Western Christians; however, simple bread made from maize, rice or barley would be perfectly appropriate in other cultural contexts… Food allergies may complicate matters. In settings where certain worshipers are allergic to wheat, gluten-free bread may be used so that all may participate in the sacrament and have access to the signs of God’s grace.