Church-wide visioning process begins in September

Beginning in September 2018, Rev. Jim Kitchens, of the consulting group PneuMatrix, will be leading Westminster through a congregation-wide visioning process. With Westminster doing great right now, you might ask why would we would waste time and energy dreaming about our future. In a blog post, Rev. Kitchens writes: “If the only thing you’re worried about is whether or not there will be someone here to bury you when you die, then you don’t need to do a darn thing. However, if you want there to be a community of faithful  followers of Jesus Christ here 100 years from mow, you already need to be rethinking everything you’re doing.”

So that’s what we’ll be doing between now and Easter—thinking about Westminster’s ministry in this unique moment in American Christian history.

The process will include a series of on-site meetings with a specially-formed leadership group and with the entire congregation over a period of approximately 4-5 months. It will be guided by a leadership team that will work with the consultant in designing and leading the events. This approach seeks a high level of congregational participation and aims to engender a high level of congregational ownership for the ministry vision.


  • Clarify the congregation’s unique identity and giftedness
  • Determine areas of focus to build upon the congregation’s current strengths
  • Determine areas for future mission and ministry
  • Develop ministry goals and action plans to guide the congregation in fulfilling its calling during the next 3-5 years

Save the date for our congregational visioning meetings – each one takes place 12:30-2 p.m. in the Social Hall & includes a free lunch (childcare is available)

  • Sept. 23 : A vision grounded in our PAST
  • Oct. 28: A vision tied to our PRESENT
  • Nov. 25: A vision leading us into the FUTURE

Reflecting: The leadership team will prepare a draft report to the congregation that describes the key mission and ministry initiatives identified in the congregational meetings. An additional congregational meeting will be held to hear the report and recommendations from the revisioning process.