Children & Youth get shout-out from Presbyterian Mission Giving Catalog!

Here at Westminster, we take great pride in our commitment to promoting peace & justice throughout the world, and our kids are no exception!

This past winter, Sunday school teachers invited the children to raise a little money to purchase some chickens for a family in need (a $25 item). But the kids wanted to do more, and set their eyes on a cow–a $450 item!

So the fundraising began–and even the older middle & high school students got in on the action! Bake sales, See’s candy, weekly moment’s for mission, and more…everyone  wanted to help.

Eventually, the grand total of funds raised was enough to cover not one, not two, but THREE cows for families in need through the PCUSA Giving Catalog–AND some chickens.

We are so proud of all the youngsters who really took this challenge and worked to make it all happen!

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