AVCP presents:
Songs for Our Blue Mother 

When: 6:00 pm Sunday, July 25, 2021

Where: Westminster Presbyterian Church

Tickets: Free (donations accepted)

All Voices Choral Project (AVCP) presents this live, in-person concert of choral music and speakers focusing on water and the interconnectedness of all things: planet and individual, peace and turmoil, history and now. Mother earth cannot continue to provide for us as long as we seek ownership. Instead, we must listen to the wisdom of those who live in relation to the earth and all living beings.

AVCP is a community formed and held together through music and a shared dedication to harmonizing the divide!

Performers: Jina Chen, violin, Yvette Couvson, soloist, Alicia R. Forde, speaker, Carlos McMillan Fuentes, piano, Brooke Marshall, congas, Hilary Pollock, string bass, Guardians of the River, film, Klamath Tribes representative, speaker, Sopranos: Dawn Ackerman, Rain Maxwell (soloist, tambourine, tuned water bottle), Shantra Muther (soloist, narrator), Sophia Silvers, Altos: Piper DeBarge, Janet Matranga, Mary Lynn Perry (narrator), Kate Rosander, Tenors: Jason Block (tuned water bottle), Jonathan Saatman (narrator, tuned water bottle), Anthony Tavianini (tuned water bottle), Mark Tavianini (soloist), Basses: Alex Grambow, John Iosefa (narrator), Patricio Morales, Eric Piotrowski (narrator, tuned water bottle)

For more information, contact Lee Hoffman, Artistic Director of AVCP and Director of Choirs at Westminster Presbyterian Church