All Voices Choral Project presents:
Songs for Our Blue Mother: A virtual concert for restitution and restoration

5:00 pm, Saturday, April 24, 2021


Tickets are free! Westminster will have the link to the tickets on our website and Facebook soon.

Join us for a virtual concert of choral music and speakers as we focus on water and the interconnectedness of all things: planet and individual, peace and turmoil, history and now. Mother earth cannot continue to provide for us as long as we seek ownership. Instead, we must listen to the wisdom of those who live in relationship with the earth and all living beings.

You’ll see familiar faces: Lee’s wife, Esther Hoffman-Rubin, and from Westminster’s Chancel Choir, Gordon Zerkel, bass, and Jonathan Saatman, tenor section leader. AVCP has met on Zoom each week since last March, and when safe enough, we have rehearsed together in the courtyard at Westminster, masked, distanced. This concert is a testament to the resilience of a community formed and held together through music and a shared dedication to harmonizing the divide!

For more information, email Lee Hoffman, Artistic Director at