2018 VBS Recap

A fun-filled week was had by children and volunteers alike at this year’s VBS. The stage in the Social Hall was decorated to resemble a picturesque three-tiered waterfall surrounded by trees, stuffed animals, rocks, rafts and even a kayak. A paper tree spanning an entire corner in the social hall was erected by Erika Nordman so that Zacchaeus had the perfect platform during story-time. There were a total of 35 children and youth participating,  along with our 2 college interns, and an outstanding volunteer staff.  Everyday the children enjoyed listening to a Bible story, they participated in music,  made awesome art & crafts, were “wow”ed by science experiments, which included making corn muffins in a solar oven on June 21 (Summer Solstice), had time for recreational play, AND enjoyed healthy and delicious snacks which made for a perfect day! For a little more excitement, throughout the week the children were surprised by ”Bear Sightings.” One of our young adults donned a bear costume and would peek through the window to the Club Room during snack time or dash about in the hallways or stairwells and soon the unexpected shrill of children would begin. All attesting they had seen a bear! Really? 

An important element of VBS is mission and our project consisted of having the children fill zip-lock bags containing various hygiene products and essentials. These “Godly Bags” which the children related to as “Goody Bags” will be given to people living in need of them. Thank you to all our congregants who donated items to fill these bags. The bags contained the following items; toothbrushes, band-aids, soap, shampoo, socks, wipes, lotions, tissues, etc. Additionally, the children were asked to include a hand-written note or drawing to put in each bag. Jefferson, who is an eight-year old wrote: ”God cares, We care. Bless You.” They talked openly about homeless people they see everyday and how they might not have much to give them but they can always say a prayer for them. 

This week could not have been possible without the amazing team of volunteers who joyfully gave so much of their “heart and soul” to the work. Their thoughtfulness, kindness, and love for the children and each other was evident everyday throughout the week. They truly embodied what it means to be in the company of God. Our volunteers, teachers, and storytellers:

In closing, do you remember this verse in John Fogerty’s song, Proud Mary? “If you come down to the river, I bet you gonna find some people who live. And you don’t have to worry if you got no money. People on the river are happy to give” — thank you to all our volunteers for giving all of you and being so “HAPPY” to give.