Music at Noon

LIVE ONLY (not live-streamed!) Pianist Robyn Carmichael Celebrates CHOPIN’s 213th BIRTHDAY!

MUSIC AT NOON presents acclaimed Bay Area pianist ROBYN CARMICHAEL in a CHOPIN BIRTHDAY CONCERT on Wednesday, MARCH 1, 2023 at 12:00 pm at Westminster Presbyterian Church sanctuary.  Who was Fryderyk Chopin? Why does he remain a mystery to many? Don’t miss this intriguing and enlightening concert with images, commentary, and the launching of her new Chopin project, ForbiddenConcert.


Mazurka, Op. 30, no. 4

Mazurka Op. 56, no. 2

Mazurka, Op. 33, no. 2

Prelude, Op. 28, no. 16

Prelude, Op. 28, no. 17

Polonaise, Op. 44

Waltz, Op. 34, no. 2

Waltz, Op. 34, no. 3

Nocturne, Op. 27, no. 2

Etude, Op. 10, no. 5

Etude, Op. 10, no. 6

Ballade, Op. 47

I aim to show Chopin’s great variety and emotional range with these works. Hope you like it!