Music at Noon

Gypsy Jazz & Swing Interview, CAP Radio

No doubt you’ve heard strains of Gypsy Jazz as background music in films or on TV. 

“For many people when they hear it, it will sound a little familiar,” said Jake Myers. “Most people have heard it before somewhere even if they don’t know that.”

Myers is a musician in the Modesto-based group Hot Club Faux Gitane – which, in French, means “Hot Club of the Fake Gypsies.” Myers points out their name is a reference to the first Gypsy Jazz group – The Quintet of the Hot Club of France – formed in 1934 by French guitarist Django Reinhardt.

“I started learning the guitar when I was a little kid. I remember people mentioning Django Reinhardt’s name to me. I remember listening to some of his recordings and thinking ‘wow, I don’t know how a human being can play the guitar like that.’”  (Read complete story or hear the music by selecting the links on the right.)