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Village Courier recognizes MAN’s 15th birthday

This story, written by Peg Hall, was excerpted from Sun City Roseville’s The Village Courier, December 2017:

Throughout the year, whatever the season, a free concert takes place at Westminster Presbyterian Church in Sacramento at noon on Wednesday. And you are invited.

Music at Noon

Gypsy Jazz & Swing Interview, CAP Radio

No doubt you’ve heard strains of Gypsy Jazz as background music in films or on TV. 

“For many people when they hear it, it will sound a little familiar,” said Jake Myers. “Most people have heard it before somewhere even if they don’t know that.”

Myers is a musician in the Modesto-based group Hot Club Faux Gitane – which, in French, means “Hot Club of the Fake Gypsies.” Myers points out their name is a reference to the first Gypsy Jazz group – The Quintet of the Hot Club of France – formed in 1934 by French guitarist Django Reinhardt.


The Human Soundtrack


Free classical & world music concerts at noon in Sacramento help you to relax

Music at Noon is one Sacramento place to listen to music as you meditate holistically. Each Wednesday at noon, the free classical music concerts are given, attracting nearby groups of senior citizens and state workers on their lunch hour. Yes, you can bring your brown bag lunch and eat it if you wish, but most folks just listen to the relaxing music and feel at peace with culture and serenity.


Live music on a budget: Music at Noon

Love live music, but can’t afford concert ticket prices? Or are you looking for a mid-week lunchtime escape from the office? On Wednesdays, from noon to 1pm, there is a concert series, Music at Noon, at Westminster Presbyterian, on 13th and N Street, facing Capitol Park, in Downtown Sacramento. The music ranges from classical to pops, and the best part is that it’s free!


Sacramento’s best-kept secret

The free concerts happen every Wednesday in downtown Sacramento at noon inside the quiet, uncrowded Romanesque-Byzantine Westminster Presbyterian church at 13th and N Streets, across from Capitol Park.

Bring your bag lunch and enjoy a moment of serenity as you listen to the talented artists from Greater Sacramento. Admission is free, but donations are appreciated so our artists can be paid an honorarium. Contact Brad Slocum for program or audition information.


Magic and Majesty

The majesty of Westminster Presbyterian Church in Midtown envelops you like a warm blanket and the music reaches out and grabs at your heart.  With the Celtic cross looking down from above the choir loft, huge chandeliers glistening overhead, and the magnificent colors of the stained glass windows flanking them, the citizens of Sacramento are offered a special treat every Wednesday of the year.  Those that take advantage of it experience the joy that is special to superb music and often leave with it residing in their hearts and souls.


Marching to a Different Tune

One well-spent Wednesday noon hour for those in Sacramento, community member or visitor, can be found at 13th and N Street. However, do not let the setting mislead you. The Westminster Presbyterian Church indeed marches to a different tune. Built in 1927, the founding community itself there since 1856, the Wednesday noon agenda is designed to delight the soul, not burden it. Music is the theme with variety each week. One week may be pianos sending out classical pieces, and the next Wednesday a vocalist will be singing selected Broadway show tunes.


Slow Food and Music at Noon in Sacramento

The Music at Noon Concerts at the Westminster Presbyterian Church are the brainchild of its program director, Brad Slocum. Westminster is an older Mediterranean style building with a large dome and pipe organ. Music is generally classical but may include ethnic. and even jazz or show tunes occasionally, but is always excellent.  

High Praise For Church’s Concert Series

Nearly every Wednesday since 2002, some of Sacramento’s finest musicians have performed at the same downtown venue. It’s not a club or a concert hall. It’s Westminster Presbyterian Church, whose popular Music at Noon series turned five this month.

Westminster Presbyterian Church’s “Music at Noon” series takes place on Wednesday’s from 12-1 p.m. all year long.  A wide variety of music is presented, including: classics, jazz, pops, Broadway, opera, folk, and world-music.  Artists include: pianists, singers, chamber musicians, choirs, organists, folk and world musicians.  Styles include everything from renaissance to contemporary.

Capitol Public Radio’s Paul Conley interviews Brad Slocum.