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Free Concerts Wednesdays Noon to 1 p.m.
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Good news! Starting Feb. 2, 2022, the MusicAtNoon concert series will, once again, open its doors to the public. If unvaccinated, attendees will be required to wear a mask and to socially distance. Most concerts will continue to be livestreamed. For recent concerts, live-stream links can be found HERE.

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Sacramento California’s Music At Noon concert series is designed for local artists, and it is meeting the needs of those who desire beauty and tranquility in the middle of their day. It is also meeting the needs of our local musicians who desire to communicate their art to the community. Since 2002, thousands of music lovers have entered Westminster’s peaceful, Byzantine-Romanesque sanctuary to hear a wide variety of inspiring music. These free Wednesday noon concerts include classics, jazz, pops, silent films with pipe organ accompaniment, Broadway, opera, folk, USAF ensembles, world-music, and more. Artists include pianists, singers, chamber musicians, choirs, organists, string players, brass & woodwind players, guitarists, and more. So bring a friend and a bag lunch and see why M.A.N. is “the biggest kept secret in Midtown.”

Your Music At Noon donations help to sustain a concert series that has become a source of joy and refreshment in the lives of many appreciative attendees. You may donate online at (please memo “M.A.N.” at bottom of page) or make checks payable to Westminster Presbyterian Church (memo: “M.A.N.”) and mail to Westminster Church, 1300 N Street, Sacramento, California, 95814.  More than 95% of your donations are used for artist honorariums. Alternately, you can donate through our website HERE, or by dropping donations into the entry donation containers at Westminster. Thank you for your support.  Please tell your friends about MusicAtNoon.

Music at Noon

Silent Film Theater-Organist Dave Moreno accompanies 2 Silent Films
Laurel & Hardy and Billy Bevan & Andy Clyde

1. WE FAW DOWN (1928) Laurel & Hardy find an excuse for their wives to go to a poker game and end up helping two ladies in distress and the wives catch them at!

2. LIZZIES OF THE FIELD (1924) Billy Bevan & Andy Clyde in a big cross-country auto race with entries from The Red Dog Garage and The Black Cat Garage that have no love between them, turns into no-holds-barred contest!

Music at Noon

Zēlos Saxophone Quartet plays Ancient-to-Modern

Music at Noon

Knights of the Castle : Ancient-to-Modern
Performed by JAMALION

JAMALION: Alexandra Roedder, cello; Claudia Kirkpatrick, fiddle; Mark Kramer, guitar and mandolin Brian Thompson, guitar and alto, tenor, bass recorders