Music at Noon


Music at Noon
Free concerts Wednesdays Noon to 1 p.m.

“Music for a while shall all your cares beguile…”

Music At Noon is meeting the needs of those who desire beauty and tranquility in the middle of their day; it is also meeting the needs of musicians who desire to communicate their art to the community.  Since 2002, thousands of music lovers have entered Westminster’s peaceful, Byzantine-Romanesque sanctuary to hear a wide variety of inspiring music.  These free Wednesday noon concerts include classics, jazz, pops, silent films with pipe organ accompaniment, Broadway, opera, folk, USAF ensembles, world-music, vocalists, and more.  Artists include pianists, singers, chamber musicians, choirs, organists, string players, brass & woodwind players, guitarists, folk and world musicians, and more.  So bring a friend and a bag lunch and see why M.A.N. is “the biggest kept secret in Midtown.”

Your Music At Noon donations help to sustain a concert series that has become a source of joy and spiritual healing in the lives of many appreciative attendees. You may donate online at (please notate “M.A.N.” at bottom of page) or make checks payable to Westminster Presbyterian Church (memo: “M.A.N.”). and mail to Westminster Church, 1300 N Street, Sacramento, California, 95814.  Thank you for your support.  Please let your friends know what they are missing!

Music at Noon

Albany Consort: music from 1550 to 1750 played on period instruments
The Art of Improvisation - Bach, Telemann, and more!

This month’s offering highlights both composer and performer creativity.  It was normal for composers to parody each other, and for performers to go way beyond the written music in their performances.  Our program starts with the beautiful 1550 madrigal “Doulce Memoire” and follows with a couple of virtuoso reworks.  We’ll then take a look at the revolutionary ideas that turned music upside down 50 years later both in songs and instrumental pieces.  Then a couple of preludes, and in these it is impossible to tell whether the notes are the compose

Music at Noon

More Upcoming Concerts

Apr 22 The Albany Consort – music 1550-1750 with period instruments

Apr 29 Bay-Area classical pianist Miyuki Otani

May 06 Chanteuses Women’s Vocal Ensemble; Chris Alford, director

May 13 Violinist Lubo Velickovic; Pianist Dmitriy Cogan

May 20 Jazz Guitarist Doug Pauly and Friends

May 27 Violinist Igor Veligan; Pianist Natsuki Fukasawa

Jun 03Cellist Susan Lamb Cook; clarinetist Sandra McPherson; pianist John Cozza:  Beethoven, Rachmaninoff…

Jun 10 Silent Film Organist Dave Moreno accompanies 2 silent films