Music at Noon


Music at Noon
Free concerts Wednesdays Noon to 1 p.m.

“Music for a while shall all your cares beguile…”

Music At Noon is meeting the needs of those who desire beauty and tranquility in the middle of their day; it is also meeting the needs of musicians who desire to communicate their art to the community.  Since 2002, thousands of music lovers have entered Westminster’s peaceful, Byzantine-Romanesque sanctuary to hear a wide variety of inspiring music.  These free Wednesday noon concerts include classics, jazz, pops, silent films with pipe organ accompaniment, Broadway, opera, folk, USAF ensembles, world-music, vocalists, and more.  Artists include pianists, singers, chamber musicians, choirs, organists, string players, brass & woodwind players, guitarists, folk and world musicians, and more.  So bring a friend and a bag lunch and see why M.A.N. is “the biggest kept secret in Midtown.”

Your Music At Noon donations help to sustain a concert series that has become a source of joy and spiritual healing in the lives of many appreciative attendees. You may donate online at (please notate “M.A.N.” at bottom of page) or make checks payable to Westminster Presbyterian Church (memo: “M.A.N.”). and mail to Westminster Church, 1300 N Street, Sacramento, California, 95814.  Thank you for your support.  Please let your friends know what they are missing!

Image of Movies At Noon with Silent Film Pipe Organist Dave Moreno!
Music at Noon

Movies At Noon with Silent Film Pipe Organist Dave Moreno!
LIBERTY (1929) with Laurel & Hardy; LIZZIES OF THE FIELD (1924) with Billy Bevan & Andy Clyde.

1.”LIBERTY” (1929) Laurel & Hardy
Stan & Ollie are convicts making their escape from prison.
They change into civilian clothing only to discover that their
pants are switched. They are constantly being discovered
and screamed at for trying to change their pants behind
some wall or mound of packing cases. Finally they are
whisked in a construction elevator to the top of a skyscraper
of which only a steel skeleton is yet completed.

2.”LIZZIES OF THE FIELD” (1924) Billy Bevan & Andy Clyde

Music at Noon

More Upcoming Concerts

Jun 24 Trio Seven with Guitarists Matthew Grasso, Harry Stoddard, Matthew Foley

Jul 01 Flutist Alice Lenaghan & Pianist Jana Olvera: A Patriotic “Keys and Breeze”

Jul 8 Sac Youth Symphony Chamber Music Part I – Susan Lamb Cook, dir.

July 15 Sac Youth Symphony Chamber Music Part II – Susan Lamb Cook, dir.

Jul 22 Hot Club Faux Gitane Gypsy Swing Band

Jul 29 David Granger’s Trois Bois” (oboe, clarinet, bassoon)

Aug 05 TBA

Aug 12 From the Voice Studio of Jacquie Victorino “A Musical Extravaganza”